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Tap into a booming industry

Home-based businesses seem to be everywhere. The flexibility, freedom and autonomy of working from home make it hugely popular. Home business ideas can be product- or service-based and the possibilities are endless.

In Australia, almost one million people run a business from their homes.


Googling “home business ideas” leads you to long lists of ideas of businesses that often require specific professional experience — like accounting or videography.

In this post, we’ll explore seven jobs you can do without previous experience. These business ideas cater to a booming and infinite industry in Australia: tourism.

Where the jobs are

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More and more Australians are travelling. This creates many business opportunities.

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Australia from the U.S. is the deep appreciation Australians have for travel.

From hitting the road for months at a time in the caravan to renting property on stayz or Airbnb, travel is big here. It got me thinking about the endless business opportunities catering to travel-loving Aussies.

Today, Airbnb alone has over 100,000 listings in Australia. There are other sites including, and

You don’t need to be in the cities to benefit from the upturn in private holiday rentals.

Regional Australia is attracting lucrative home rental opportunities. In fact, the trend shows bookings outside the city are increasing, with more than half of all bookings in regional areas.

Let’s explore seven businesses you can start from home to capitalise on tourism in your area. Consider anyone who is leaving town or coming into town as a potential client.

7 home business ideas for anyone

Renting property you own isn’t the only home business opportunity in the travel industry. As travel and tourism increases everywhere — even outside the big cities — so does demand for these 7 jobs.

  1. Holiday rental digital assistant.
  2. Home staging.
  3. Pet minding.
  4. Gardening.
  5. Cleaning services.
  6. Transportation services or tour guide.
  7. Short-stay property manager.

Now let’s look at each of these home business ideas in turn.

1. Holiday rental digital assistant

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Many holiday homeowners are time-poor. They may work full-time, or be travelling themselves and would benefit from handing over the small jobs. If they want to make money from their holiday home, they need to be responsive and invest in someone who is digitally savvy when they lack the time or know-how.

One of the drawbacks of running a holiday home is the time it takes to respond to emails from guests.

As a digital assistant, you can help clients:

  • Respond to enquiries and client emails
  • Take high-quality photos of their homes
  • Write an engaging description
  • Manage social media channels

We all know how great photos and well-crafted descriptions can make a difference when sifting through listings. And when it comes to email, whoever responds quickest usually gets the rental reservation.

2. Home staging

The holiday home that looks like a magazine photo shoot will have a higher occupancy rate than one that hasn’t been decluttered for 20 years.

Airbnb guests are discerning, and their standards are getting higher.


Home stagers earn good money by:

  • Removing or rearranging furniture to show off a room’s best features
  • Adding artwork, knickknacks and flowers to fill them with life
  • Weaving colour and texture into a rental with curtains, rugs, bedding and pillows

If you love interior design and have a knack for making rooms look inviting, you could shop for trendy items at places like IKEA or flea markets. Even simply decluttering and rearranging can help attract more bookings.

3. Pet minding

It’s hard to find a nice short-term rental home that allows pets. And renting a beach house next to the dog beach when your dog isn’t allowed, isn’t as much fun.

If you are a pet lover, you could offer your services as an add-on to holiday rentals in your area. Guests can travel with their pets, stay at a nearby rental while their pets stay with you. Families can still have a play on the beach or in the park with their dogs without violating house rules.

4. Gardening

This home business idea is aimed at travellers, like homeowners in your area who take extended trips. They will value someone who can look after their gardens while they’re away.

The amount of time and money invested in creating a beautiful garden is extensive, and homeowners will pay someone to protect their investments. Gardening packages could range from weekly check-ins and watering to full-care services.

5. Cleaning services

This is an excellent choice for a home-based business and an easy place to start. Every holiday home needs to be cleaned after each visit. If owners don’t live near their property, they must rely on cleaners to keep their rental businesses running smoothly.

House cleaning is in high demand. You could even turn it into a small business with employees.

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Photo: Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

Even if the owners do the cleaning themselves, look for specific jobs they are willing to hire out. For example, a friend of mine purchased a beach house near her home. To maximise her return on investment, she does the cleaning herself but outsources the linen service.

6. Transportation services or tour guide

With regional Australia becoming a preferred location for travellers looking for a holiday home, transportation can be an issue.

One Airbnb owner in Port Macquarie, a small coastal town five hours north of Sydney, offers a free pick up service from the nearest airport, train or bus station. This added service is a nice personal touch you can offer owners to help increase their booking rate.

 Home Business Ideas Person Driving
A local driver can share stories and advice that shuttle drivers can’t.

Small town or big city, some tourist destinations are hard to get to and lack the personal touch only a local can offer. The market is ripe for a service that allows visitors to step off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems of an area. And when they don’t have to drive, even better.

7. Short-stay property manager

As a short-stay holiday rental manager, your services would benefit owners who are separated geographically from their rentals and are unable to check on them.

A few services you might offer include:

  • Restocking supplies
  • Checking for broken and missing items
  • Taking photos between each stay for verification
  • Deep cleaning or hiring the work out
  • Changing key codes

This business concept is well-known in the long-term rental market, but not as common in the short-stay holiday market. This could be your chance.

Are you keen?

As demand for holiday rentals rapidly increases, doors are opening for sole traders to create a business that supports this industry. If your town is a popular tourist destination, near a university or major hospital that attracts visitors, a home-based business may be easier than you thought.

Keep in mind that tourists aren’t the only ones who need services. From a business standpoint, your potential clients could include:

  • Homeowners renting their homes to visitors
  • Holiday-makers staying in your area
  • Locals leaving their homes for extended holidays

Exploring services you can offer to this growing market is worth consideration, especially if becoming your own boss piques your interest.

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