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Complete guide to sizing social media images

UPDATE: This post was originally published on 28 October 2018 and was updated on 17 February 2020.

It’s super frustrating when you spend ages creating the perfect image to post on Facebook or Instagram, then it gets cropped, stretched or pixelated. Here’s a handy cheat sheet to make your posts picture-perfect. In addition to the Facebook profile picture size, you’ll also find dimensions for all the photos you use on other social media networks.

Social media element: Recommended image size in pixels:
Facebook profile picture size 170W x 170H pixels (desktop) and 128W x 128H (smartphones)
Twitter profile picture size 400W x 400H
Instagram profile picture size 110W x 110H (minimum)
LinkedIn profile picture size 400W x 400H or 300W x 300H (company logo) and 60W x 60H (square logo)
YouTube profile picture size 800W x 800H
Pinterest profile picture size 165W x 165H
Medium profile picture size 60W x 60H (publication avatar) and 1000W x 500H (max, logo image)
Tumblr profile picture size 128W x 128H
TikTok profile picture size 200W x 200H


Pro tip: Most of the social media platforms above crop profile images to round thumbnails that appear beside your posts. So when you’re choosing an image for your profile picture, choose one where the subject is in the centre with a bit of space around the edges. This makes sure that your face (or logo) doesn’t get cut off by the round thumbnail frame.

Facebook image size

Facebook element: Size in pixels:
Facebook profile picture size (personal and pages) 170W x 170H (desktop) and 128W x 128H (smartphones)
Facebook image size (shared) 1200W x 630H
Facebook banner size (profile cover photo) 820W x 312H
Facebook event image size 1920W x 1080H
Facebook video minimum width 600W


Facebook’s picture tool automatically sets the square shape as a crop frame, which makes it easy to get a nice square image if you forget to resize your image first.

Pro tip: When you’re making Facebook cover photos or event images, keep important image elements and text in the centre of the image to make sure it looks good on all devices.

By following a few simple rules, you can be sure your Facebook image sizes look great, no matter what device they’re viewed on.

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Twitter image sizes

Twitter’s standard image sizes really make it easy for us, with a nice attention to aspect ratios (that’s the ratio between the width and height) to make pleasing shapes.

Twitter elements: Size in pixels: Ratio W:H
Twitter profile picture size 400W x 400H 1:1
Twitter post image size 600W x 335H 2:1
Twitter cover photo size 1500W x 500H 3:1

Instagram image sizes

The beauty of Instagram is that almost everything is square; that’s a 1:1 ratio. Instagram automatically shows square image thumbnails in your grid, no matter what size or shape the posted images or videos are. That’s why Instagram’s grids are so aesthetically pleasing.

Instagram elements: Size in pixels:
Instagram profile picture size 110W x 110H (min)
Instagram post image size
Automatically displays image thumbnails at:
1080W x 1080H
161W x 161H
Instagram video size 1080W
Instagram stories (use portrait mode on your mobile) 1920H x 1080W


Pro tip: Instagram-sized photos also look great as Facebook posts. So if you want to be time-efficient, you can cross-post the beautiful square images you create for Instagram to Facebook as well.

LinkedIn image sizes

LinkedIn doesn’t win any prizes for consistency. There are different sizes for everything, and non-rounded numbers making them hard to remember.

LinkedIn elements – personal profiles Size in pixels Ratio W:H
LinkedIn profile picture size 400W x 400H 1:1
LinkedIn shared image or post image size 552W x 276H 2:1
LinkedIn profile background image size 1584H x 396W 4:1
LinkedIn cover photo or banner image size 1776W x 444H 4:1


LinkedIn elements – company profiles: Size in pixels Ratio W:H
LinkedIn company logo image size 300W x 300H 1:1
LinkedIn company page cover image size 1536W x 768H 2:1


Luckily most of LinkedIn’s photo ratios are standard, which makes the strange numbers easier to understand.

YouTube image sizes

Creating a YouTube channel? Make sure your pictures match these dimensions for best results.

YouTube elements: Size in pixels:
YouTube icon size 800W x 800H
YouTube cover photo size 2560W x 1440H
YouTube video thumbnail image size 1280W x 720H

Pinterest image sizes

Pinterest is one of the most visual of all social networks. Use this guide to make every photo look amazing.

Pinterest elements: Size in pixels:
Pinterest icon size 165W x 165H
Pinterest cover photo size 222W x 150H
Pinterest pin sizes (portrait) 735W x 1102H

Resizing your Facebook profile picture size

It’s annoying to have to look up image sizes or resize images every time you post to a different platform. Luckily there is a handy (and free!) tool you can use to make it easier to create and post social media images.

Facebook Profile Picture Size Canva

Canva is hands-down one of the best design tools for businesses. And the best news is, there’s a free version with tons of features to help you create stunning social media images.

The easiest way to nail the correct Facebook banner size or profile picture size is to open a new template, which is always set to the current recommended dimensions. Choose one of the many standard sizes (examples shown below) or create an image in your own custom dimensions by clicking the Use custom dimensions button.

Facebook Profile Picture Size Canva Designer

Just hover over each social media thumbnail to see the standard dimensions for that type.

Check out more graphic design tools here.

Pro tip: Canva’s instant resize feature is a huge time saver. Create your image in one template then hit Instant Resize and choose the template size for your new image. Switch from Facebook post image to Instagram to Twitter with a single click. Remember to save each image with a different name.

Add your own logo to stand out even more

If you want to add a unique business logo to any of your images or graphics, check out GoDaddy’s free logo maker. You can make custom designs or pick from hundreds of templates to create a quick and professional logo in minutes (no coding skills necessary).

Now get out there and get social

We hope you have found this guide to Facebook profile picture size (and more!) useful. The tables here are regularly updated to ensure you always have the most up-to-date sizes — bookmark this page for easy reference. Good luck making all your social media accounts look on-brand and memorable.

Image by: Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

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