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Transferring account management


We recently had some changing in our staff and I took over out account management. The old GoDaddy account manager is no longer with our company. The login information is set up with 2 step verification to his phone and everything is still set up with his information. How am I able to update the information to mine and change the phone number to regain access to our account? I tried the process to cancel 2 step verification but was denied because I am not the name on the account. It is still set up with his information.

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Re: Transferring account management



In order to take back control of the account, go to, fill out the information, and submit it. Once reviewed, GoDaddy will contact you for further information or give you access to the account.

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Re: Transferring account management

Thank you, I will try that route. What all is it asking for when is says business documentation?

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Re: Transferring account management

Hi @MCKscope. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! To clarify, the website is for changing the email address on file for an account. To request two-step verification be removed, you need to send a request using the steps in this article using the email address on file for the account. If you don't have access to the email address on file in the account, then you would need to use the form to request the email on file be changed. For more information on that process, please see this article. I hope that helps. 


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