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    Can't redirect my godaddy domain to my blogger using DNS settings

    I recent transferred my domain https://enproteks.com to Godaddy, after the transfer i tried to set the DNS record like CNAME and IP's the way it was stated on blogger but still it doesn't work. When i try to open my blog site it returns this error:



    I didn't get this kind of error on my other registrar, and blogger doesn't give me any error, please help I don't know what to do.


    Daniel Ebonine
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    Re: Can't redirect my godaddy domain to my blogger using DNS settings

    have you tried "Connect my domain to Blogger"


    you basically go to your domain and click on "connect to a site" and it does it for you. 


    If you have made significant DNS changes, it is possible that conflicts can arise when the auto-configuration is complete. however, if you get stuck after this point,  you can call support to reset your DNS or you can have a go at updating them yourself following this article how to check DNS and Diagnose common issues  


    to work out what the records should check this article out manage-dns-zone-files it should really only be the A records and the CNAME records that you need to make changes to.


    Unless you have email set up on your domain or other subdomains I think you will only need the CNAME and A Records (maybe some TXT records if you have services that require you to verify domain ownership such as analytics or ssl....)  from memory there are 2x CNAME records one will be provided by blogger the other is standard: Host  "www" points to: "ghs.google.com"   Then the A records will be 3 or 4 IP addresses you will need to get from blogger A record Host "@" points to "IP address" and then of course you will need to add the domain to the blogger settings page from blogger too.   so its a 2 or 3 step process. 


    Your domain doesn't look like its secure with an ssl you can get a free one at sslforfee.com