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    Google ranking

    My site - www.hulushop.co.uk and www.biogreenecs.co.uk are not appearing on google listings. I have worked on keywords and blog etc. My keywords work for me when i spend on google ads. The sites have both been live for 6 months or more. What am i doing wrong?
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    Re: Google ranking

    I shoukd have said keywords for hulu are soy wax candle, soy candle and for biogreen things like patio cleaning and driveway cleaning.

    Re: Google ranking

    The first thing is to decide your best keywords and long tail keywords then optimize for those on your website by including those particular words within your text and as anchored text links that lead to relevant pages within your website. Then begin sending links that have those keywords as the anchor text to your website on other websites by asking to trade links or writing articles or guest blog articles as well as from your social media sites and blogs etc. Make sure to make the word you want to rank for the link back to your site and make it land on a page that is relevant to the word or phrases you are linking. - DJ Emir of Denver's Best DJs