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    Highlighting my current page on my menu



    I would like the current page to be highlighted on my menu. I have noticed that there is an element called:




    I have tried to apply css styling to this, but it had no effect. 


    Just as an example (at the moment my menu text is white) I would like to turn the 'Home' menu item text blue when I am on the 'Home' page.


    Are you able to tell me the correct CSS coding to use?





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    Re: Highlighting my current page on my menu

    Hey there @pbwordpressweb,


    There are a ton of different themes out there, so to define the CSS parameters necessary for what you want to do is dependent on the code used to build the theme. It will likely require a developer to sort the code for you and update it if you don't know how to yourself. Google can also be a great resource to find information on how to change the CSS code.


    If you're not too attached to the current theme you're using, I suggest GeneratePress with a combination of Elementor or Beaver Builder. You can use those tools to make your site look like pretty much any theme/design/layout you want for your website.


    Good luck!

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    Re: Highlighting my current page on my menu

    Sorry, I forgot the mention the key point - I'm using Go Daddy's Ascension Theme:




    Would you know the CSS element  that I need to change?





    Re: Highlighting my current page on my menu

    This code works in my CSS:


    #site-navigation > div > ul > li.current_page_item {
    background:#999; color:#000; }

    It's not perfect, but will do for now.