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    Introduction and Website URL

    I just registered my Community username.

    My website was built by Godaddy, with one or two minor changes, requested by me. I have more changes in mind.




    For now, I am looking for my "personal profile" settings, so that I can make my website my signature for Community posting.


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    Welcome to the Community!  Lots of great folks and advice to be found!


    A couple things I noticed on your site...


    => Why are you not using your domain name for email (guil@guilart.com)?   By using gmail your are missing the opportunity to further your branding with every email that you send!  And by having that email address set to be clickable on your website your spam will increase as it gets farmed by bots.  I would recommend using your dot com for your email identity and have an email me link that goes to your contact form.


    => Your copyright notice at the bottom of every page needs to be updated to 2019.


    => Your About me page doesn't have a photo of you!


    => You have no information on shipping options, charges, returns etc.  Create a FAQ page that details all of that so folks can view that information before hitting the checkout.  Not know shipping costs and policies will prevent visitors from ordering from you and the top reasons for cart abandonment.


    HTH! 😉


    "No pressure, no diamonds." Thomas Carlyle


    All your suggestions are noted, and I will act on each in turn.

    First, how can I update the copyright notice my self?

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    That would depend on how your site is created.  If on WordPress the copyright notice is generally in a PHP file for your theme.  Unless you know your way around theme files (and are using a child theme) it is best you ask for your developer's help to make this change for you.


    "No pressure, no diamonds." Thomas Carlyle

    That is sensible advice because I am not proficient with WP. I have been working with it since my website went online late last year. I crashed the 'site three times before I learned how to use the Godaddy dashboard's restore function. That's a great feature, BTW, and worth every penny in itself for what I paid for my GD hosting plan. I don't know for certain, but I suspect it was included in my Premium Store Design Service & Hosting product plan.

    One of the crashes resulted from my fiddling with pages in WP. I tried the change an image on my homepage, but something went wrong, and I got a white screen crash. Oh well, I was able to restore, but after that experience, I hesitate to make any changes to my pages myself.

    What this is leading up to is how to use Godaddy Pro Services. I have the 'phone number, but it will make the pro's job easier--and save me money--if I place the order well. Pro service is $50.00 per half hour.

    After posting my question yesterday, I went into the WP dashboard, anyway, despite knowing the risk, to find out about changing the copyright date. Without saving any changes, it appears to me that the entire copyright footer cannot be modified. I tried changing the date in both "pages" and "appearance."

    I believe the bottom footer it is Godaddy boilerplate legal text. My question, therefore, is it a change that requires Pro service, or 24/7 customer service?

    For context, one of the restores was done after 2019, which appears to have restored everything to the point the website first went online (in 2018).

    Thanks very much for your attention. Godaddy's telephone customer service reps are angels. I want to save them all of the above verbiage, and cut to the chase, so to speak, when I call about the copyright date error.