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    Need help with my website--getting away from standard templates

    Hi Julia,

    When using HTML, will this link be obvious to medium users?

    I built my previous website and now trying to move to a newer platform is proving to not be as quick as I was originally told when I purchased it. 


    I painstakingly built my site to by 80% personalized and now the template themes offered while moving to gocentral are very bland and do not show the menu to make my own additions (images / text) as it did before.

    I have to say, I do not know how to write my own codes, so having a menu to choose from is what creating my site by myself is all about.

    Please help me in getting away from the standard looks of the templates so I can rebuild my site in my own manner.  I would appreciate your popping a link or 2 in here if that can be done.

    Thank you!


    Mary Beth embe8ch21@gmail.com

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    Re: Need help with my website--getting away from standard templates



    I just noticed you've not received a response to your questions...


    The thing is with any "web builder" is that you are limited by what the platform and how the offered templates are set to display various features of your site.


    GoCentral does allow you to add to or omit from the menu and configure it as you like.  The menu will display based on how the template you choose has that setup.  You can then add to, remove or rearrange your menu items.  Maybe try a bunch of themes until you find the one you want?


    If I am misunderstanding your concerns, let me know! 😉


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