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    Supersize Your Website--Get Tips on Improving Your Site

    Hi all,

    If you'd like other Community members to check out your website and give you some tips and suggestions on how to make some improvements, then please take the following steps:

    1. Click reply to this post

    2. Give us a brief overview of your company and what you do

    3. Add a link to your website


    It'll be fun to see all of the businesses and organizations that you, our great GoDaddy customers, set up and manage and to be able to spotlight some of your great work. Plus it gives you an opportunity to learn from others. 


    Have fun!!



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    Hey guys,


    I didn't know about this part of the forum, so I think I'll have to come back to this once I've completed my website.  It's still a work in progress which is slowly getting done (It's a project as a 'hobby') and is about a disability that I have.  I've written it in Third-Person as I'm also writing an autobiography which is in first-person, so wanted the site to look as if it's being written by someone else.


    The area of the site that I think you will be able to see is, the contact us page.  I am trying to recreate it and get it better (it's in php) and I've decided that it will be the last thing that I do (apart from search engine optimization which will be directly after it).


    Overall, I feel that I am doing very well on it so far, and will be adding more code languages to it, such as ASP.NET MVC, and some of the JavaScript languages that are floating about the net.  At the same time, I am learning lots from designing this website and have two friends from college giving me tips as well!!


    I should give you the web address, and I'm the founder of DysphasiaPV.  Web address is: DysphasiaPV


    Take care



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    I am new to this Forum and excited to be a part of it! I use other professional forums, not knowing that GoDaddy had this community until now. I have been working in graphic design and website design, development and hosting in some form or other for 20 years. I have used many services, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Register.com, Google, Dotster, BlueHost, HostGator and HostDime. Over the years I have migrated all my domains and most hosting services to GoDaddy.


    I have been a GoDaddy Pro member for some time now and have been using the ManageWP tool to organize my WordPress websites since it became available. That gave me the idea to extend my web design business to include promoting WordPress Website Management services. 


    So, after some researching I developed my latest site:


    Manage WordPress Websites


    I am looking for feedback and suggestions! Blog content is in the works... if anyone would like to guest post to the new blog (WordPress related topics) I would like to talk to you and set you up with an Author account!


    Thank you in advance!


    owner: pflyz creative


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    The first thing I noticed is your URL.   WordPress policy does not allow the use of the word "WordPress" in top level domain names.  This is considered trademark infringement.


    You can only use "wp" when referring to WordPress in a top level domain name.  So you are going to want to find a new domain and then transfer the current one you have to the foundation.


    More info here...


    HTH! 😉

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    Hello @Muse 🙂


    I am new here and the owner of Eden Embroidery, edenembroidery.com. I am just now setting my site up on GoDaddy with GoCentral and I have a question. I am need of a way to allow people to select a design then add any writing to it, select the shirt or item they want the design on and order it. I am not finding any way to do this in GoCentral, is there any options for me?




    very nice site

    sounds personal, like a friend is talking to me....


    really good



    Once you create your Options (shirt, colors, font choices or item the customer wants design), then create your Add-ons.


    When creating an Add-on you have the ability to choose from either "Buyer Selects from a list" or  "Buyer Enters Custom Text".


    HTH! 😉


    "No pressure, no diamonds." Thomas Carlyle

    is this forum still active?