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    What am i doing wrong with my fashion website? I'm not getting sales.

    ok so i have been running my site for like two months now and i have had little to no luck i dont understand everyone seems to love my designs and i even got invited to have them on runway at big fashion show so whats the problem what am i doing wrong why have i sold nothing almost 3000 views and not one purchase please help drowning here my site is called chaoticclothingdesigns.com

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    Re: what am i doing wrong



    As a web designer, I often get asked - Will I start getting sales on day 1..... 


    So a couple of things to think about / feedback for you.... and I should note that this is just some constructive feedback - doing these things won't automatically bring in sales either, but I feel are some best practices


    1) Do you have a facebook page - the link on your site goes to broken link (for instagram and linked in as well)


    2) There are about 3 or 4 "chaotic clothing" variations that I found when doing a google search - you are listed among them, but there are others as well.

    3) In looking at the site - I'm a little confused as to who your target market is - The first image of a girl looking over a mountain range - so are you targeting the outdoor adventure type person?

    I would recommend a photo (perhaps a blended one) of some your items on people in real world places.


    4)  I would recommend moving the Sizing Chart to a separate page rather than having it on the home page


    5) You repeat "chaotic clothing and apparel store" on the home page - perhaps you were doing this for SEO purposes - As this is first thing people see - I would try to have this be more of your tag line / message of the brand


    6) About the company  / brand - You have this on the about page, I would actually move this to the home page - also perhaps say how long you've been done this - if just getting started you may want to have that part on the about page


    7) On your Contact Page you have your address / map and from what I can see, this looks to be a residential area - You may want to remove the address and have something along the lines of "We are a home based business" and leave it at that.


    😎 Returns & Exchanges - You have nothing about if this is allowed or what your policy is


    9) Product images - As mentioned above I would try to get the products in "real world photos" - In looking at the hoodies for example, these look like something that was the same hoodie and someone photoshopped the different designs on to. 


    I think that all of these items put together is part of the reason you may be seeing the results you are seeing. In this day and age, where anyone can setup a shopping cart site in 10 minutes and put up product..... people have gotten very cautious to ordering online


    One thing to consider is selling via Amazon as well - where in that can help you build a customer base and once they know you, they can buy from you directly.


    Hope this helps point you in the right direction


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    Re: what am i doing wrong

    Wow thank you @PL281. You have no idea how much that is a major help those are the things I overlooked and I appreciate the honesty and help I started this website idea with a friend she was fashion I was the artist well it started out great then she ran off for a guy and left me with the whole thing and I have no idea what I'm freaking doing I'm just trying to get it going thank you I will gladly take a look at all that and try to fix it thank you again its honestly just what I needed to hear I'm going to get right on all of those things

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