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    Writer would like opinions on his website

    Hi! I’m an independent writer and I’m interested in your opinions on my website if anyone is still reading this forum!



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    Re: Writer would like opinions on his website



    Good start!  And congrats on the recent book release! 😉  


    => I noticed most of your site is written in the first person, while your About Me page is written in the third person.


    I'm a big believer in first person format -- as though you are talking to that one person on the other side of the screen -- as that connects better and let's folks get to know you.  Especially considering visitors are more likely to buy/read from those they feel they know and can relate too.


    I would also beef-up that page a lot.  More photos, more talk about your passion for writing, where you get your inspiration, how you started, little stories about your writing experiences, etc.


    => Another thing that stood out was your logo.  Wondering if making that top bar the same color as the blue in your logo, would allow it to blend better and not look like it was just slapped into that space?  


    => You want to have all your featured images be the same size so that you have a more uniform and professional layout.   Determine what size you want to use and then make sure every image is that size so they all display in the same size on your site.


    => As a writer, having a Blog would come naturally to you and give folks a reason to subscribe knowing they'll get poems or new story updates.  Right now we are just brochureware but having a Blog, where folks can see you add new stuff on a regular basis will give them incentive to subscribe so you can build your list.


    => Then, I would make sure that all your socials have the same banner and color scheme so that you can solidify your brand across platforms.


    HTH! 😉


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