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Cannot sell domain


I recently (only a few days ago) bought a domain with a .supplies extension. When I bought the domain it was listed as a premium domain, but after I bought it, it didn't seem to have registered as 'premium' for some reason.

When I called GoDaddy they ensured me that it was a premium domain and that I should be able to sell it via 'Premium Listings'. However, when I tried to do this, I get the error message 'We cannot complete the request action for this domain extension'. I assume that this is because it isn't registered as a premium domain. Am I right in saying you can only list .com, .co, .org and .net extensions in the premium listings?
So next I tried to sell the domain via the GoDaddy Auction, which I am a member of. However, I am always confronted with the following error message: 'Sorry, is not eligible for listing on GoDaddy Auctions. Category 1 is required. Additional category listings are optional.'
I called GoDaddy to ask them why this is happening. The advisor told me that he wasn't sure, but he said that there should be no reason why I can't list my domain on the GoDaddy auction site. He said this might be because I only purchased the domain a few days ago and it might be locked for 60 days. Is this true? If so that's fine, but if not, why would this be happening?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Cannot sell domain

Hi @yismail84,


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A Premium Domain purchase - as you made in order to acquire the domain - simply means that the domain was already registered to another party. That party decided to list it on our website at a price of their choosing, which you then purchased. (It was not in auction, it was a Premium Domain listing.) Once you buy the domain, it is no longer a "premium domain" and all future renewals will be at the regular fee. 


You can read more about your domain extension here. If you are having issues with listing it in the GoDaddy auctions service, you may email that team directly at for assistance.





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