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Domain for sale in auction disappear.



Im deaf and can not call the support and there is no way to find chat or email to the support team.


I listed 5 domains in auction yesterday, paid the fee and got email "Successful Listing Confirmation"

Then I see all my selling domains are on the pending list.


Now today all the domains has disappear and I got no email WHY?


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Re: Domain for sale in auction disappear.

I'm not completely sure if the regular chat support handles domain auctions @haniballen81 but you can try. Look for Live Chat in the purple area of any GoDaddy page during their business hours. I don't know what time zone you are in but live chat teams are not 24/7, hey available Mon-Fri 5AM - 6PM (UTC-7) and can be accessed from the chat buttons located on the top and bottom of pages. When chat support is not available no chat buttons will appear.


Sounds like you listed your domains right because you got the confirmation. For anyone else looking to list a domain for sale check out Listing domains on GoDaddy Auctions from the Domain Manager, Understanding GoDaddy Auctions Listing Options and GoDaddy Auctions Help


This situation sounds a bit odd? You should review Seller Statuses and contact support to help you through. At one point GoDaddy did have email support but that option is no longer available or at least not currently available. When you next chat with a GoDaddy customer representative make sure to ask them about alternatives for contacting support. I hope that helps? 


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