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How can I best contact potential buyers of my domain name

I have read in several places of how you should know who would be interested in buying a domain name before I buy it. But how can I be sure that the people who are in charge of promoting the online growth of a website are the ones seeing my offer?

My goal is to contact the webmasters of the websites that come up with the search terms of my domain name. So far I've attempted to make contact via the "contact us" link on the website I'm trying to start negotiations with; but I get the feeling that my message isn't getting to the right people...can someone please give me some direction?

Thank You

Johnie M

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Re: How can I best contact potential buyers of my domain name

Let me just say that reaching out to those who you feel your website would be good for is a great strategy @Johniemc84. Far too often domain sellers expect buyers to knock down their door but I know from experience that rarely happens.


I don't think that being no response means that you're doing the wrong thing. I would keep that up as that is a strategy I'd advise for those actively seeking domains. In the past I've had domains for farms and I'd hang out in farm forums and farmer's markets. My general thought is that I need to be where my costumers are. I can't speak to the quality webmasters you are contacting but not all webmasters are created equal. 


In general I find that domain selling is a waiting game. I've had domains for years that all of a sudden sale and I've had domains I just acquired sell seemingly instantly. Keep being aggressive and eventually you'll get a buyer? Also I'd be courting the website owner over the webmaster. I hope that helps? Happy selling! 


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