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Super User II

Timeline for domain name sale payouts

I see this question asked a lot here on the forum so I will address it here:

There are two types of domain name sales through Godaddy:


1) Premium Listings: If your domain name has sold on Godaddy's Premium listing platform you will typically be paid out to the "payment profile" that you setup when you listed the premium listing after 6 days. If the 6th day falls on a holiday or weekend you will be paid out on the next business day. This is a general timeline and can be influenced by fraud checks that are in place to process the payments. If you haven't received the payout on the 7th days please feel free to email to inquire about your payment.


2) Auction listings / Buy it now / Offer, Counter Offer: These listings are processed differently. Once the buyer has made the payment for the domain name Godaddy will hold the funds for verification for 5 days. Typically the morning of the 6th day is when the domain name will be transferred to the buyer's account. You will receive an email once this has occurred and you will receive the payout to the "payment profile" in 2-3 business days. Essentially it could take 9-10 days from the sale until you receive the payout depending on the days of the week that the sale occurs, etc. 


Also important to note, all listings and sales made by Godaddy for your domains are subject to a 20% commission fee.



They took my money and give back nothing

I am very old customer of Godaddy but this time they did something bad taking my money for doing nothig with their tricky advertising, but the worst thing is that they never answer to my return request but keep spamming me with email to pay another huge amount of money!!!


Ref. to BITLEU.ORG domain buy
Order Number: xxxxxxxxxx
​Claim ID: xxxxxxx
Price: lei 293.99 + Tax: lei 55.86 = Total: lei 349.85

I am sorry for big mess and misunderstanding! Your ads about domainbuy are tricky and I was drawn into the trap believing that if I pay 349.85 Lei, I will get the domain from you, but you are charging huge amount for nothing, only to get the right to pay another huge money, 975-9750 Lei ?!?!
Come on! I can buy a real domain, a land or a small house, with this money here
not a digital domain!!
Being your customer from so many years, an ancient customer 😊 I am sorry to say that I am very disappointing about this "service" of yours!!
If you are correct and fair-play in this unwanted game, please refund and send the money back into this account or to my Paypal email account

Thank you for resolving the issue!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: They took my money and give back nothing


You need to contact our customer support team right away to resolve your issue. You can find your local number to call here In the future, please do not post your GoDaddy account number or your bank information. This is a public forum and anyone can view your information. I have deleted it from your original post to protect your private information. 


Re: Timeline for domain name sale payouts

Hi , 

I want to know that how can we resale of domain names which we registered from Godaddy?

As I am the owner of  how can I sale and get paid from this?


Re: Timeline for domain name sale payouts

Hi @Alirizvi14,



Welcome to the Community!

You can join our auctions group with a small auction membership fee. Then you can buy and sell domains, making money on those that other members would like to buy. You can read more about our auctions here



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