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Unlawful transfer of domain name.

My domain name which i have bought for three years and two still to go, has been taken off my account while i had not been on for a month, i found out 5 days after its transfer to another person’s name and that was GoDaddy domain support that informed me of this.
So please Moderator don't attempt to say otherwise like my last post for help here and block me from replying to your solution after one night.
I need the community to help me by thinking of steps that may be taken to not only acquire my rightfully owned property but also bring the perps to justice.
Now i can understand why GoDaddy would not want me to be talking about my problem seaming they are responsible for our security and safety of domain property, after all they are our registrars and that's only their job, no one else's.
I purchased it from GoDaddy and go daddy has been at least a couple of court cases where such incidents have happened before.
i have been informed by GoDaddy that a transfer of domain name has to be approved by the owner as GoDaddy cannot do it without consent and i did not receive an email of consent only a notification of the domain being transferred to another registrant days before my knowledge of it.
Another thing, if this had legal implications then if not PayPal informing me of it then at least GoDaddy should have before such transfer.
if it was PayPal’s legal obligation to take away my domain due to similarities, then why is GoDaddy selling such property knowing full well of these situations, and again moderators, it was not a legal thing because i have had correspondence with PayPal’s legal team two months prior to this and they had certain demands to witch i have adhered to and all was well after that.
So even if PayPal has had a hand in the unlawful transfer of my domain name then still GoDaddy has a major hand in performing it.
I have informed the proper GoDaddy departments and have Incident ID’s and they are working on it.
I have informed ICANN and they are corresponding with me for a solution.
I have informed two legal firms that have gone to court against GoDaddy for similar issues.
but I’m writing this article against and to support my previous article that GoDaddy community moderator tried to shut down after one night, because i want the help and guidance in this matter as i am entitled to it for being a GoDaddy customer for many years and paying GoDaddy for many years for their services like domain names hosting, privacy, SSL, backups, support etc.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: Unlawful transfer of domain name.

@WillG Paypal filed a UDRP against you like they are supposed to do when someone is squatting on their trademark. You didn't respond to the UDRP so the domain was transferred. I'm sure you know this already. 


  1. Respondent

Respondent failed to submit a Response in this proceeding.


Complainant carries on a global business for digital payments, money transfers, and financial services and is the owner of a portfolio of trademark registrations for the PAYPAL dating back to 2002 including: United States registered trademark PAYPAL, registration number 2646490, registered on November 5, 2002.


Complainant has an Internet presence and maintains its website at the <> address.


The disputed domain name was registered on July 8, 2018 and resolves to a website which offers consumer goods including consumer products, handbags, wallets, phones, tablets, sport and outdoor equipment for sale under the name “PayPalBuys”.


There is no information available about Respondent except for that found in the Complainant, the Registrar’s WhoIs and the Registrar’s verification of the registration details which was requested by the Center in this proceeding. Respondent had used a proxy registration service to conceal his name. There was a response to the cease and desist letter sent by Complainant sent on September 19, 2019 from a person with a different name from a Hotmail email address. The person who responded stated that he assumed that he was in a “sort of partnership” with Complainant “by only accepting paypall payments” and refused to cease using the disputed domain name and allow it to expire as demanded by Complainant"


You can read more about your own UDRP case here:


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Unlawful transfer of domain name.

Hi @WillG,  I understand that you are trying to find answers, and I sympathize with the frustration you must be feeling, however we are unable to provide you with any more detail or guidance in these forums.  This situation will require you to engage with our live support teams if you'r unclear on what happened with the domain, or if you want to know what next steps you should be taking.  If you're not satisfied with the clarify of the answers you're receiving from the support teams, you should request to speak to a supervisor for further clarification.  


We can not discuss your specific account details here on the forums, nor can we provide you with definitive legal advice on how you should proceed.  You would want to speak to an attorney if you want to know what your legal options would be in this matter.  


Finally, please note that it is standard practice for threads to be closed to new responses on these forums.  It is not specific to your post or situation.  I apologize for any confusion this process has caused.  

Thank you.