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renewal price in advanced view

i am in advanced view, but only see renewal prices for .com domains I own.

i have many other domains with other suffixes and want to renew some of them.

how do i get a renewal price to appear in the column regardless of suffix?



Re: renewal price in advanced view

ps i am in the most advanced view, see columns, although all appear grayed out except for "export"

Re: renewal price in advanced view

pps "renewal price" is checked in the list of what is to be displayed. again, only .coms are visible and I am talking about 60+ other domains which I need to see.


Re: renewal price in advanced view

Hi @robert21,


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The data capture for the renewal price on the domains will depend on the Registry responsible for providing the domain registration. The .COM registry is Verisign and handles other domains that should show up in your domain manager as well - .COM, .NET, .TV, .CC, .NAME. If the Registries for your domains (not recording a price) are not providing a constant feed on the renewal pricing, the best way to check the costs are as you have noted. Please place the domain in the cart for renewal to review the current renewal price from that Registry (without needing to make the purchase). This sends out a query for that/those specific domain/s. 







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