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Can not delete DNSSEC records

I reset my DNS servers to my new servers from Cloudflare and initiated the transfer.


But, when I try to delete my DNSSEC records needed for Cloudflare to complete the transfer, I am getting an error on the GoDaddy page to remove my DNSSEC records.  Anyone else have similar problems deleting DNSSEC records or other workarounds.  I am sitting here watching grass grow waiting for GoDaddy support to get back to me. Meanwhile, my domain is in limbo waiting for the transfer.   Didn't think things would break.




Re: Can not delete DNSSEC records

Hi @neilgreene,


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You must have Premium DNS in order to use DNSSEC. For more information on using this in a GoDaddy account with customer nameservers (like cloudflare) you can review the information here.





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Re: Can not delete DNSSEC records

I already have Premium DNS.  I had DNSSEC records, but I could not delete them.  I had to have support manually delete them as the UI wold not allow me to.