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Data Transfer


Can someone please private message me.  We are having a serious problem with data transfer from our GoDaddy Website to our CRM.   I have the information needed from our CRM to help fix the issue but I need someone helping on this end as well.   The issue can be best described in a private email.  Thanks!


I am not sure I am on the correct message board list.

Community Manager

Hi @pameeeee. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! This sounds like it would be something specific to an account. This is a community forum rather than a support form. Users here do not have access to internal GoDaddy systems and generally aren't able to assist with account specific issues. If there is a technical issue you'd like community suggestions for, then the best thing to do is provide as much information as you can about what you're trying to do. If you can't share that information for privacy/security issues, then the best thing to do would be to contact our customer care team for further assistance. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

The problem:


I am an administrator at KeepitColourful paint nights, my name is Pam Murray

Jesse Robertson is the owner of the Domain,

People purchase tickets to her paint night events in Canada

Jesse uses the Go Daddy Web Builder

People purchase tickets to her events from her Go Daddy website by registration links that go to our CRM Infusionsoft/WePay


This year some of our customers have been emailing us that when they have filled out the order form  from our website (they enter all of their information including CC information) and hit review order the order disappears and does not get through to our CRM, Infusionsoft/Keap.   The order information is not getting to Infusionsoft/Wepay.  This is occurring randomly and is not isolated to any one registartion link.


Infusionsoft/Keap have told to me I could share this information with GoDaddy but Go Daddy don't accept emails to their Tech Representative.   I tried the Chat but was unsuccessful in delivering the

message from Infusionsoft to GoDaddy's Tech Support.  


This is the letter I need to forward to someone in Go Daddy Tech Support along with our account information.   Letter from Infusionsoft/Keap to Me on what needs to be done.


Hi Pamela,

Thanks for writing back with the detailed update on the conversation with the contact having issues placing the order.

Pamela, based on the info you’ve shared, it appears the website indeed facing some issues capturing the order info and transferring it to Keap due to which the order fails. We really dont want you to lose out on your business. Hence, I’ve worked with my support team and ensured things are working fine from our end and in the app once the data is transferred over from your website.

Now, here is what we request you to check from your end to ensure we fix this issue completely. We request you to please reach out to your website developer asking him to put a quick disclaimer on the website, a text that informs the contact placing the order that their CC info is complete secure as we are complied as per the PCI policies. That’s what Lara is referring to in her conversation that you’ve shared.

Also, please ask the developers to check and ensure the order data captured on the website is being transferred over properly to Keap. Possibly, consider reintegrating the connection between the website and the app. I understand that it may sound too techy but you can even share this email with the developer for them to understand it and do the needful.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you need any further assistance or have further comments. I would love to help you.



I don't use telephone and am limited to online help by email.


If someone can help me find a person that I can get this information to that would be great or if anyone here has some advice that would be helpful I would appreciate it.  I would like to get this issue fixed and that disclaimer put on as recommended.

Hi @Jesseeeee. I'd be happy to try to help, but the issue you've described doesn't sound like something that would be a problem with the Website Builder site. In looking at the site and the services offered on it, it looks like your "BUY" links simply redirect customers to an order page on The link works regardless of whether or not it is on your website. For example, I can put a similar link here and it would populate a cart with Infusionsoft. This is also the page where the "review" button exists. Nothing processed on that page would be relevant to what you have on the Website Builder page. Since your customers aren't entering their credit card information into the Website Builder site,  you wouldn't need a PCI compliance message there. That would be something specific to the Infusionsoft page. Unless I'm just completely misunderstanding your issue, this doesn't seem like something you'd need GoDaddy to do. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.  It seems like this issue may be due to a persons' browser security settings being set at high or perhaps even a pop up blocker.    


Infusionsoft have checked everything they possibly can their end and they can't find anything.  Most orders are coming through without incident.


I will close the case for now and re-open it if any further information comes in.


Again, thanks!