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Domain forwarding not working with Safari browser

Trying to forward my landing page to one of my domains. It works well with Chrome, but does not display the correct site in Safari. Any ideas? 



Re: Domain forwarding not working with Safari browser

Same problem - one domain set to forward to another domain, works fine on Google Chrome but Safari gives me a 404 error on both my desktop browser and my iOS browser.  Website was designed using GoDaddy website builder.  Customer service representative thinks it's a browser issue and can't offer support directly for Safari since they are PC-based.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Re: Domain forwarding not working with Safari browser

Hi @toomuchadam,


Safari is a third-party browser application for which we cannot provide direct support. However, you may want to review your domain's forwarding command to determine if you have it masked, or if it is a 301 or 302 redirect. The settings on your Safari browser may not be able to properly display the website if the settings conflict with your forwarding choices. Check your browser settings and help instructions for more assistance. 



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Re: Domain forwarding not working with Safari browser

I am experiencing the same issue. I just called GoDaddy and the tech support staffer said that there is no known issue with Safari. However, a subsequent Google search yielded several complaints, including this one. I saw one article going back to 2009. Quite unfortunate. Seems to be a long-standing issue with GoDaddy and Safari. A basic task and no solution.