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Domain sold to after 1 week of purchase!!!

What exactly is going on??? I only bought my domain name and created my website a week ago, and now its being sold by HugeDomains.Com??? For $795!!! yet it was supposed to last up to 12 months! Somebody please tell me what's going on!! Domain name:

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Super User III

Re: Domain sold to after 1 week of purchase!!!

Hey there @Tarpeery,


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When I go to the domain you listed, it took me to a blog hosted on blogger. I'm assuming you or your client is Sameera. It looks to be functioning correctly to me. And when I go to and search for the domain there are zero results.


I think what you saw was just the internet catching up with itself after your purchase. I know everyone likes to think these updates happen on webpages instantaneously but that's not the case. Algorithms have to be run, caching has to be flushed, the hamsters have to be fed. etc.


You're all good from the looks of it. Good luck with your blog!

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Re: Domain sold to after 1 week of purchase!!!

i also have a domain that i use but whenever i was to transfer to godday the current registrar is NOT sending me EPP code, can some advice

Re: Domain sold to after 1 week of purchase!!!

You can do by epp only

Re: Domain sold to after 1 week of purchase!!!

i want to transfer my domain 10 domains including what will be cost