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Forwarding a Domain to new website. How will it look on all page of the new site?

I am about to forward my current domain ( so it points to a new website, My question is how will the domain look on all pages of the new site. Even though the domain is pointing to the new site, will the URL still read or will the URL on the new website read This is a completely new website than what we are currently using. Should I be doing something more permanent than forwarding the domain?

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Community Manager

Re: Forwarding a Domain

Hi @cindymacland. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! how your site would work depends whether you use just forwarding or forwarding with masking. Just forwarding would show the URL you're forwarding to while forwarding with masking would just show the domain in the address bar.


However, this isn't a great way to do things. If you use forwarding to that URL, if you want to link visitors to a particular page, you won't be able to do so. The better thing would be to set up the domain so that it resolves to the IP address, then set up the hosting and site to use the domain instead of just the IP and a directory folder. It seems you may have figured this out though as the domain is now resolving to what appears to be the website Man Very Happy


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Re: Forwarding a Domain

I have since adjusted my DNS nameservers to our new host. The site is now live! Thank you for your response.