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Move account to other GoDaddy account as Account Admin

I am the Account Admin for a domain that was paid for by a friend of mine. Now, he suddenly died from a massive heart attack a couple of weeks ago.

Since we run a community forum on that domain we would like to keep the site up and running.


My question is, can I as the Account Admin initiate a transfer to my own account and get the domain moved?

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Super User III

Re: Move account to other GoDaddy account as Account Admin



If you have access to both accounts and their login information, yes. If you don't, then no.


Here's a guide of what you need to do if it's between two GoDaddy accounts if you have the info to log in:

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Re: Move account to other GoDaddy account as Account Admin

With all due respect, this is no answer to my question...

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Community Manager

Re: Move account to other GoDaddy account as Account Admin

Hi @PRGary787. Sorry for your loss. You have my condolences. 


Technically speaking, if you are listed as the admin contact on the domain's WHOIS information, you would receive the authorization code to transfer the domain to another registrar. However, domains need to be unlocked before they can be transferred in this way, and that can only be done with account access. 


The information that @MrVapor gave above is accurate and is a potential answer to your question. If you do not have access to the account that the domain is in and the account owner has passed away, there are ways of regaining access to the account. See this article for more information on this.


I hope that helps


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Re: Move account to other GoDaddy account as Account Admin

Jesse, thanks for you friendly post.


Now, it seems to nobody knows what an account admin is or am I seeing that wrong? As an account admin one can do a lot, like f.i. change name servers and lock or unlock the domain.


Next to account admin I am also the administrative contact for the the domain.


So, do I understand it right that if I unlock the domain I can start a transfer to my account and I will receive the unlock code on the administrative contact email? If that is the case, that is the solution to my problem and the answer to my question.