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Please get the hold removed on my domain transfer

I've transferred domain away from GoDaddy 2 days ago but the status of my domain ‘’ ( is as below:


Status: serverHold
Status: serverUpdateProhibited


The new registrar requested me to contact you ‘’ and get the hold removed



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Super User III

Re: Please get the hold removed



In order to correct this issue, you will need to contact phone support or live chat for a resolution. Most of us here on the forums are not GoDaddy employees, so we don't have access to account management services. 

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Re: Please get the hold removed

Hi @Ponpote,


Neither of the status lines you show in your post are relevant to a transfer. We can't release a domain for transfer until we have a valid request through the Registry, made by your future (gaining) registrar. Please be sure of the following:


1. Your domain was created longer than 60 days ago

2. The domain does not have privacy applied

3. You have sent yourself the authorization code

4. You have unlocked the domain for transfer


If any of these items were not yet done, the transfer request will have failed. You will need to retry, or re-initiate the transfer at the gaining registrar. 



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