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Price match for renewals

Hi Godaddy,

I tried to find a support email, but i couldn't, so this is going to be public...

I have about 60 domains, and am planning on moving them all out of Godaddy due to a much cheaper renewal cost elsewhere. It is about 150% cheaper


But before i do so, i wanted to give you an opportunity to price match. Please let me know what you can do before i start the move next week.  Thank you!

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Super User III

Re: Price match for renewals

Hey there @cakePlease 


Unfortunately, no one here will be able to help with this particular request. Primarily, we're volunteers here and not GoDaddy employees, so we have no access to the account management systems where they'd be able to help with this issue. GoDaddy doesn't have an email support system, so you'd have to call them or do a live chat.


As to reducing the price of your domain renewals with that many domains, have you tried the Discount Domain Club? It can save you hundreds in renewal fees with that many domains.


Good luck!

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Re: Price match for renewals/?isc=gdcommment

Thanks, I'm aware of the club, however I don't want to pay that fee just to have a bit of a discount

Re: Price match for renewals

heya cake please, please tell what site you have gone through, interested in the cheaper option.???


Re: Price match for renewals

Check out


Re: Price match for renewals/?isc=gdcommment

Hi @cakePlease


While we can't tell what TLDs you have in your account, .COM renewals on the Discount Domain Club will save you 53% each time. In other words, the renewal of just 13 domains in one year pays for the plan itself. The rest of the domains you renew is all savings in your pocket. Call our support team if you have any questions on the plan or you can check out domain renewal pricing here:



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