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Unable to find my EPP code or domain settings page

I’m having the same problem, been on go daddy website for over an hour trying to find out how to get my epp number to change my domain name from godaddy to hostgator. This is one of the reasons I’m leaving godaddy. It is ridiculous. I even called support, talked to a man who I couldn’t understand because of his language barrier, all I could understand, was to “go to my domain settings page”.  I’ve been looking for almost two hours, THERE ISNT ANY DOMAIN SETTINGS PAGE! You guys really hid this information so no one can find it, sounds like something is fishy here! 



Re: Unable to find my EPP code or domain settings page

Hi @Mjmartin006,


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If you are transferring an active domain (that is not a country-code -CCTLD) that Authorization code is available in the Domain Settings for that domain. It won't appear if the domain has been registered, transferred, or the registrant information updated in the last 60-days. If it is a CCTLD, you'll need to call GoDaddy support.


If you are transferring an expired domain name, you can use the instructions here to get the Authorization code for transfer. 



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