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Undo a Domain transfer

A domain has been transferred from my account by mistake. How can I undo this action?

I tried to write an email to "" but I didn't get any reply since week ago.

I need to get that domain back. please help!


Re: Undo Domain transfer

Hey @YemenOurHome,


If you've already submitted a request to our Undo team via email, I would recommend reaching out to our support so they can help review the status of the request. As this is a public discussion forum, no one here is going to have direct access to the account to investigate. 


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Re: Undo Domain transfer

Hi there.   I just realized that another company has hacked into our account and is using our credit card and now our domain has been transferred from my account by mistake. How can I undo this action?   Our domain is   

I have changed our settings on our account, but currently we are showing that we have no information our accounts.  I'm certain that our credit card was automatically renewed in March on automatic payment, but I can't see any products under our name.  Please call [removed] and ask for Carolann or email me at [removed].


Re: Undo Domain transfer

Hi @cschneid,


As this is a community forum, our users will be unable to call you or access your account to assist. If you believe your credit card has been used without your authorization, please contact the GoDaddy billing department at 480-505-8855.


If the domain transferred away without your approval, please go to the following link to file a Transfer Dispute for review.





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