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Whois database not updated

I transferred my domain to my Godaddy account nearly a month ago, and the public (not Godaddy) whois database is still showing the old registrar and details. I have reported this three times already on the online chat support, each time wasting about half an hour of my time, and yet nothing has happened.


What do I need to do to get the records updated properly? Who should I be complaining to?


Thanks for any advice...


Re: Whois database not updated

Hi @km99,


Welcome to the Community!

The domain, upon transfer, does not automatically update the registrant information. You can use these instructions to update any of the information on the domain. Most whois directories refresh their data every 24 hours. But due to privacy concerns on their website and/or depending on your global region, they may not display the complete listing (per ICANN required minimum data specifications). If you find a directory with incorrect information, you'll want to reach out to them to request any refresh. GoDaddy resubmits to ICANN every time you make a change to that registrant data. 



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Re: Whois database not updated

Hi @TLH,


Thanks for the reply. I managed, after several hours, to pinpoint the problem to a simple spelling confusion in the domain name!


5, or was it 6, separate chat operators didn't spot it.


You might be amused by some of these quotes from the chats:


"it is not GoDaddy who provides the information to global WHOIS. it is the other way... once the domain is purhased, WHOIS updates the informaton and after that the domain is moved to the customer's account."


"you can call to WHOIS. and they will be able to assist you in this regards. you can contact with them through their web site


Thanks again.