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domain is registered with godaddy but I can’t see it under my domains

Tried to transfer my domain to godaddy today, after putting the auth code and paying, I did not know what next to do. I was sent a mail from name-control .com but I accidentally rejected the transfer. Now godaddy says my transfer was rejected and I should try to restart the transfer but I can’t see it under pending domains in transfer in. When I try to restart the whole process it says domain already registered with us. 
thanks In advance

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@Treyy login to your domain manager, click on "transfers" and then "transfers - in" and you should be able to check the box by the domain and click "restart."



It’s not there. It shows 0 transfers and in another section, transfer-in it says transfer has been rejected.

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If you've declined the transfer, you'll need to start again. The customer support team can provide an In-Store Credit for the failed transfer. You can then use the credit immediately to re-purchase the transfer and enter the authorization code (costing you no additional fees). Then, when given the option to approve the transfer from the losing registrar, you can accept, and the transfer should complete fairly quickly into your GoDaddy account. 



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I can’t replace transfer. It says domain is already registered with us

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Hi @Treyy,


You're correct - you can't. The domain's status needs to be changed by a Customer Care representative after you've validated the account. Trying to repurchase it will show the domain in our system because of the previous transfer attempt. Once that status has been changed internally, it can be refunded to the credit as mentioned in the previous reply. And available for repurchase.


GoDaddy has phone support available at the numbers in the signature below. If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (



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