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my domain name

My domain name is It was purchased on my behalf by my OLD host company are no longer trading, but my domain name is still registered in their GoDaddy account.

How can I take control of my domain name and transfer  it into my godaddy account. 

The domain name runs out in September, I would like to get this resolved ASAP and renew it for the next 5 years.

So far, GoDaddy have been very unhelpful, your staff do not seem to understand the importance of this. This is my business and livelihood that is in jeopardy here.

Please try to contact and get this resolved as I have tried and they are not answering Phones or Emails

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Re: my domain name


your issues are with your hosting company, not godaddy. If big cart have gone bust or sold their business on then you will have to sort it out with big cart. 

Even though big cart may have had an account with godaddy, terms of that account would not be transferable and so you are not covered or a beneficiary of those terms. 

You are though covered by big carts terms and conditions so the sensible thing to do is find out who their solicitors / legal representatives are and contact them. 

To be honest unless the domain name is in your name, or your name is on the bill for it, with godaddy, then your issue is with big cart 🛒