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    DotNetNuke won't allow login on initial install

    I installed DNN on my site, but when I try to login, it keeps returning me to GettingStarted.aspx. I know this redirect is a site setting, but until I can actually login and change this setting...?!!?


    Any ideas how to get around this and login to my site?



    It won't let me delete this post so here's an update - I got on chat with support for about 2 hours while they messed with it. They couldn't fix it so the escalated to tier 2 and said they'd email me - a few days later I got an email saying Sorry, we can't figure it out, call DNN. (Not cool) They had completely broken the site so that the login loop wasn't even the issue anymore. (Really Not cool) So I poked around with it for about another hour, uninstalled, deleted, disconnected database connections, and tried installing it one last time before I cancelled my account here and moved my domains and hosting elsewhere. This time, it worked. I didn't do anything differently this time than the first time. Same settings, everything. So, the score is Me: 1, GoDaddy: 0.

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    Re: DotNetNuke won't allow login on initial install

    Hello @tornadoali


    Thank you for posting. I'm not familiar with this issue personally. However, to help everyone better understand what you're facing, can you provide more information? Which hosting plan do you have with us? Etc. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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