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    Exporting product list

    I keep hitting this wall. And today it has come up again. I have a customer that wants a email listing all my products. Why can't I export my products to a file that I can e-mail? Every other platform I have used in the past has this feature.

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    Super User II

    Re: Exporting product list

    Hello rmferret76

    Thank you for posting your issue in Godaddy Community.  You can export your product to a file and can also email to your friends.

    Follow these resources;

    Check out this chrome extension: http://export-godaddy-products.com
    You can  able to use it to export 700 products from your GoDaddy online store!





    Zulfiqar Anees | GoDaddy PRO | Founder/CEO at TechMag, ZulWeb, Enter To Study

    Re: Exporting product list

    Not acceptable. Not paying 29.99 to download my own products from my own website.