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    Help! Video as Background Cover Image

    Hi Everyone! From Website Builder (Slate template) I see that it is possible to insert a video as a Background Cover Image via Pages-->Home-->Header-->Cover Image-->Replace-->Stock Media-->Stock Videos...


    However...I would like to upload my own video.  I noticed it does not allow me to upload anything but a .gif file and it must be under 30mb.  I finally managed to get it to meet these requirements and when I upload it, it just renders as a still picture (no video).


    I have also tried uploading it to social media and selecting it from there as well, but that doesn't work either. 


    Someone please help!  Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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    Re: Help! Video as Background Cover Image

    I need the exact same help! Any answers?

    Re: Help! Video as Background Cover Image

    I was able to speak to someone in support and they said the only videos available for background are the few that are in their stock library. I tried even a work around using a video from social media but that didn’t work either. They didn’t have a time frame of when that function would be available.

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Help! Video as Background Cover Image

    Hi @aspireinhealth and @Reelin. After conferring with our product team, I can confirm that we're looking into options on how to make video headers more customizable but don't have a date for when something like that might be implemented. We definitely appreciate the feedback though!


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