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    How to add a link to a PDF on Online Store?


    I am not necessarily "new" to the Online Store product but I have just recently started to really customize my store. 

    I sell teacher & office supplies and have never had to refund or receive a product return but now that I am spending more time shipping items I would like to be prepared if the time ever comes...

    I have a bottom navigation page for my Shipping & Return Policies but now I need a way to add my actual Return Form to that page. I would like to do this with a hyperlink that lets the customer open up a PDF file and print it out to fill out and return. 

    I cannot figure out how to do this!

    Is there some sort of file storage on the Online Store that I am missing?

    Or is there another way to get a Form on there?

    I already have the pdf created but now I am stuck.

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    Re: How to add a link to a PDF on Online Store?



    There is a Download Widget to upload files for use in your store.


    => Login > Click Edit up top

    => Go to the page where you want to offer this download.

    => Click the green circle "+" to add this section where you want it.

    => Choose Downloads


    Go into the Downloads widget and customize to you liking.  You can have up to 15 files.


    HTH! Smiley Wink

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