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2nd failed billing and Supervisor refused to speak with customer to resolve issue.

So this is one company I am done doing business with. Been doing business with them since 2007 and am a Web Pro and Re-seller (or was a re-seller during the 2007-2008 years) Anyway billing had failed and I called to explain that I can't take care of it until the first. The support person when I made that call said if it failed the 2nd billing and it put a next billing date on the notice like it did the first one that everything would be fine. Today it gets suspended bringing our site down. I call and ask why this wasn't explained last night when I called. He didn't know. I asked if they can remove the suspension since after all I have been there a good 10 years. Nearly 11. No sorry we have no control over it. This triggered the normal may I have a supervisor please, for what they will tell you the same thing. Well I would still like to speak with a supervisor one momen t I will get one over here. 2 mins on hold..... They said its suspended and nothing can be done. So the supervisor is refusing to speak with me? He doesn't have time to we are very busy. THIS SHOWS - Godaddy does not care about its customers. Not the 1 nor the 16 million. - I hope 15 million get smart and find a better company to work with. After all Godaddy is probably he slowest hosting company I have ever been with. Godaddy only cares about the dollars they are making now. Not what a customer has already put into their pockets. I have had 44 individual products all paid for on time and all at higher values than 10.99 Last but not least their own conduct charter says this IX. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS GoDaddy employees must act in a manner that creates value for our customers and helps to build a relationship based upon trust. GoDaddy and its employees have built up significant goodwill in the course of developing customer relationships. This goodwill is one of our most important assets, and each GoDaddy Rep must act to preserve and enhance GoDaddy’s reputation. A supervisor refusing to speak to a customer isn't good relations.

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so a 'better company' would be one that let 'payments due' slip?

There is something that could have been done, payment of bill on time.


You said this was the second time this had happened. So that means that you were given a first chance!


I think 15 million are proof that they are ok with that........................

Yes I said this was the 2nd time it had happen. As in the billing date was the 15th (they of course billed the night before) and payment is made with 1 of 2 cards. However they are pre paid cards and our Pastor forgot to have the bookkeeper cut me a check before he left for vacation. I called and explained the situation and asked that it be allowed to go through until the 1st and that I would pay for the extra days as well. Basically would be half month extra. 


Would another company give a grace period of 15 days? Well there are some that do that. And it appears that Godaddy at one point did this because I can find several articles about it doing a search. 


Also don't get my wrong I am not leaving Godaddy because of the suspention I am leaving them because when I asked to speak to a supervisor the tech said one moment while I get one over here then he came back on about 3 minutes later and said :"the supervisor says its out of our control that its all automatic" and I said that they can go into the record and change that, they can take a partitial payment, they could issue me a credit etc and that I wanted to speak with the supervisor AGAIN. He then tells me the supervisor was not going to speak with me. 


So is that good customer service? NO

Does that make me want to stay with this company after doing business with them for over 10 years? NO

Does this make me want to recommend Godaddy to any more clients? NO and I have already switched 3 clients to a new provider.


Godaddy's own Articles of Code and Conduct even covers the staff treating the customers fairly and with respect. This support agent and the supervisor didn't do so when I called last night. They night before when the agent did everything he could to answer me as to whether the site would go down if it failed a 2nd billing. He said it could and suggested I backed up the files. 


He then asked if there was any way I could cover the payment and get reimbursted. I was looking at doing that but he also said he thinks it will send one more email reminding us. IT DID and it had a date on there for next attempt at billing. 


They could of left the site up. They know from the 10+ years of business I have done with them that I pay for my services that I provide my clients.



Oh and your tone about paying on time isn't needed. There are things that can prevent payment. Heck what if the credit card on file had been stolen or lost? What if my house burned down the night before and I had to take every dime out?


Again another person who wears the Godaddy name treating a customer like crap.