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After migration, website is still displaying old data



I migrated my hosting recently from Asia data center to Europe. Everything looked okay, I got notifications that my hosting was scheduled for migration and notification that the migration has completed. I noticed that my website is still showing old data. To confirm this, I updated my database from phpMyAdmin through cPanel and changed all the names of products to 'xxx'. And on the website, it still shows unchanged names. I've tried contacting tech support and they told me to wait that maybe the data propagation from migration hasn't completely finished yet. But until now I'm still not seeing any change.


Is there anything I should be looking into on my end? I don't understand what's happening and hopefully somebody here can help me out. Thanks in advanced!


Re: After migration, website is still displaying old data

Solved the problem. Posting the fix, in case anyone else encounter this problem. I noticed that the subdomain's A Record still pointing to the old IP address that is why the application is still getting the data from the old database. Corrected to the new IP address after the migration and everything is now back to normal.