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Building a New Website for an Existing Company



I am looking to get some help.


I work for a company that already has a website and my boss wants me to develop a new website. I have some experience making websites with WordPress, but I have little experience with things like hosting. So, here is my situation:


I understand that when people design new websites they leave the old website up, build the new website on a temporary domain and, when the new website is complete, change where the domain name resolves to all at once, so there's no down time (I believe this has something to do with DNS servers, but I'm not sure). The thing is: does anyone know how to do this? I've been Googling for step-by-step instructions, but the only thing I can find is how to build a website for a business that has never had a website before.


Thank you so much for your help!

Helper VI

Hi @MichaelJGillen, welcome to the community! 🙂

Yes, you are right. In order to do a website for an existing company, you should use a temporary domain name that later will be changed to the actual company's domain name (and yes, it's a DNS thing).


Since you have experience with WordPress, I would recommend you to use a managed wordpress hosting (which also gives you a temporary domain), and later you can change the DNS records of the company's domain name to make it point to the new site environment.


Hope it helps!

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