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Can`t Upload Files


I`m trying to upload files with FileZilla to my hosting account but when I do it the server say that I don`t have permitions to do it (folders Wp-Admind and Wp-Includes) 


To the only folder that I can upload files is Wp-Content; and when I upload the files doesn`t work well and the page look strange


What should I do to get permissions to upload files to those folders?

Call GoDaddy Support it`s the only solution? Or I could do it without them?  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Can`t Upload Files

Hi @bettelli. My guess would be that you're hosting your site on a Managed WordPress account. With that kind of account, you can not make changes to WordPress core files. This is one of the security and optimization features of that platform. If that's not the case, feel free to update here and others may have additional suggestions for you. 


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