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Can't view one of my websites from home

Started on  1-9-17
I'm unable to view one of my websites from my home network, comcast ip ***.***.***.***, (I setup the test page because default currently redirects to another site)
It worked fine the day before
I'm able to get to all other websites without a problem
I can connect thru ftp
I pinged my website thru command prompt I was able to get a reply
I'm able to connect with 4g on my phone and at work (I also have Comcast at work)
I can connect if I change my ip address with a vpn, it seems like they are blocking just my home ip address.

Who's blocking my IP Godaddy or Comcast?

Have tried the following with no luck:
Deleting cookies, history, etc..
restarting the modem AR TG862g
restarting the computer
scanning for malware
changed ports on the Tenda Switch
tried with other deivces on same network both wired and wireless
tried with firefox, IE and chrome
changed my lan DHCP IP address
checked my hosts file
checked my .htaccess file on the server


Hey @wfp78207



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For your protection, you shouldn't post personal details over the community forum as this is a public discussion group. Went ahead and edited out the sensitive details from your post, but not before I had them checked with our admins. 


Currently there's no block on our side for that IP address. If you've checked all possible avenues within your personal home network as to why you can't access the site, then the next step would be to reach out to your ISP provider so they can assist you further. 


Best of luck to you. Hope you manage to get this worked out. Do let us know if you find a solution. 


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