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Cannot access my website

I am new to using godaddy webhosting. I uploaded two sites built with joomla. One domain is directly registered with godaddy while a subdomain is registered with anothere registrar but the dns is pointed to godaddy properly.

The problem is that when I type the site url, it says ((Future site os something cool)). Where is the directory pointing to and how to properly set it is a puzzle.


Please can someone help


We share common problem here with Go daddy. I registered the domain and host with Go daddy and when I visit my site it shows " Future site os something cool". Can Go daddy check on this

Hey @winbelltrade@deeproverb


Assuming you're both on cPanel Linux hosting, you'll want to check that your site files were uploaded to the /public_html folder as that is the web root directory for your hosting plan. You'll also want to be sure you've included a valid index file named in that directory as your home page. If you're files were uploaded into a sub-directory beyond the root folder, this is likely why you're both still seeing the default welcome page we provide. 


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am in same prob here. have uploaded files in www folder and index.html is there. site is not loading