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Cannot access to root path

Im having issue in accessing root path. I'd uploaded index.html on root folder and on my main domain ( and got error 404. I tried some test files also to upload but got same error 404.

But on my subdomain i uploaded the site and its working perfectly fine.


Re: Cannot access to root path

Hi @Usman90


Thank you for your post. Going by the page that is resolving the domain is pointed to a Website Builder / GoCentral Platform.  This will require that you update the domains DNS main A record to point to the I.P. of your hosting account.  Please use the following guide to locate your I.P. assigned to the hosting server.


What is my website's IP address?


Once you have copied the I.P. please access your domains DNS zone file and update the A record section with the hostname "@"


Change an A record


Hope this helps!




Re: Cannot access to root path

Thank you @TechFly, you made my day (Y) 


Re: Cannot access to root path

Happy to help 🙂


Access to Root GoDaddy Domain

I am SFTP'd in my managed WP and I wanted to know where would I upload a folder/file that I wanted to be in the root directory... for e.g. adding folder "briefcase" with the file "docs" to be located in: ""


Thanks for any help!

Re: Access to Root GoDaddy Domain

Thank you so much it worked for me!