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Change php settings - Max Execution Time => 180 Max Filesize Upload => 64M



I'm working with WordPress and need to change php settings to below.

Max Execution Time => 180
Max Filesize Upload => 64M


Pls help me where can I do this? I can see php.ini file in my root folder, changing it wasn't helpful.

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Hey there @vasym,


One thing you could do is change the php.ini and rename it to user.ini. That sometimes has an effect. 


I really would recommend an upgrade to your hosting package if you're still on Classic Web Hosting. If you had a cPanel, this would be corrected in the few clicks of a button. Additionally, you also have a deprecated version of PHP which isn't being upgraded on that platform, leaving you extremely vulnerable if you're running any kind of PHP based CMS.

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How do you do it in the cpanel or on a VPS hosting?

i'm so confused. i have go daddy and managed wordpress. i'm new to wordpress - i code my websites the old fashioned way i guess with html5 and css3, maybe a little help from bootstrap 4. anyway. i have no cpanel. am i the only one that doesn't have cpanel? if it's deprecated than why is this a standard membership sell? i'm going to apologize now for sounding bitter because i am. i only need to create this one website in wordpress and would be glad if i never used it again. i bought into divi because someone told me it was so great - but nothing works from day 1 with divi, and somehow they blame it on everyone else but their product. i'm 3 weeks behind schedule and still have no idea how i'm going to finish building this website with a builder that not only doesn't work but it doesn't let me build without it either! nothing works and i'm ripping my hair out about now. I don't even know if this is going to help anything but i'm supposed to make these changes 

File Permissions 705 - We recommend 755 for the best experience.  max_input_time
 60 - We recommend 180 for the best experience.
max_input_vars 1000 - We recommend 3000 for the best experience. 

If anyone can help me i would appreciate it SO MUCH - this has been a 2 month long nightmare and my patience has been long gone from some time. i really feel helpless right now and that sucks so bad - when i write my own code, i have total control - this stuff is just madness!