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Contact form does not send email

Hi, why my contact form does not send email? I use godaddy hosting and divi theme for my website. I am sure that I set the correctly. I do not understand much coding. 


Hi @derricwynn123,


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While we're not able to assist with third-party scripting, please see if the article here will help you to get your contact form functional. As you are using our Plesk Hosting plan, you may wish to post your question in the forum specifically for Plesk users.



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@chheuyhaklao are you on cPanel? Are you trying to send email to a hotmail/outlook account?

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I do not understand why the recipient of the form's email matters. That email address is filled in dynamically by whoever is accessing the form. What did you mean by "Are you trying to send email to a hotmail/outlook account"


I am having the same problem - no email gets sent with php's mail() function

I have the SAME problem.  I am POSITIVE the contact.php form is setup correctly, yet the mail never goes thru. go daddy was almost NO help.  Im using their windows hosting thought it would be easier.... it isnt.  php mail()  just doesn't work with no explanation