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Custom CSS on GoCentral Website Builder?

My organization has chosen to use the GoCentral Website Builder, but I am finding it to be frustratingly limiting. I want to change the color of the promotional banner in the header. I also want to make one of the items in the site-wide menu bold and red. Is there a way to inject some custom CSS or add a link to a custom CSS stylesheet?


Thanks in advance for any tips!

Super User II

Unfortunately you can not customize themes like that with GoCentral, the only advanced feature is HTML sections which are isolated and only customizable within that section.

I just want to inject a tiny little CSS like this:

<style>nav div nav ul li:nth-child(7) div span {color:#cc0000; font-weight:bold;}</style>

If I can access the template files in my home directory through FTP or cPanel, then I could modify the CSS stylesheets. Do you know where the files are stored?

Like I said you wouldn't have access to add or edit CSS with GoCentral.  You can add your own code in HTML sections but they are isolated and the code would only affect that section.