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Domain registered and site is running, but is it hosted by GoDaddy?

OK, I'll try to explaining what I mean the best I can...

A colleague of mine wants me to revamp his site, which is currently just a placeholder image. The domain is registered with GoDaddy and he seems to think it's also hosted here; however, when logged into his account the only info/options he has is to manage the domain (contact and billing info, etc.). If there are no Web Hosting options available (looking for FTP access), is it safe to assume his site is hosted elsewhere? If this is the case, is there anyway to find out who the host is? 


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Edit: We figured it out. Web hosting was taken care of by the previous owner of the domain. Thanks for trying to help ram.

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Hi @SlightConfusion,

Yes, run a whois test on his domain name and his servers will be listed. 

Thanks for the quick response.

Running a WHOIS test returns Go Daddy as the registrar (which was known), and the name servers as, which appear to be registered to Go Daddy as well (according to another WHOIS search).


I'm out of my league here when it comes to this sort of thing, but is this proof enough that Go Daddy is the host?

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Hi @SlightConfusion,

the start was to make sure his domain name was registered with Godaddy, it is. So the next thing to do is to check the DNS settings and see if there is a 'forward' to where his hosting is at. In the 'forward' section you will either see nothing, or some IP address or other domain name, other than that of his main domain name. This would mean his domain name was 'pointing' to another location, the location of his hosting site and files. This should tell you what you need to know, the location.



Hmm... forwarding fields are blank.

But now if he selects Hosting from the drop-down menu from his account page, it sends him to a page saying: You don't have a hosting plan. So now I'm slightly more confused.