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File Upload Limit is wrong


I have a shared hosting space on GoDaddy and the help pages on this site say that file upload limits are set to 64mb (although one reference states this as 32mb...?!?!)

Yet, when I upload a file to read my server specs, the File Upload Limit is set to 2MB...! And when I try to upload a file to my site via the website, the upload fails if it is more than 2MB in size.


How can this be fixed?


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Re: File Upload Limit is wrong

Hi @fred1122,

i read it as 2mb each file. Break the file down into segments. 

Re: File Upload Limit is wrong

It's not possible to break down the files to less than 2MB as the website cannot rejoin them.

What's the point of 2MB...!? Useless...