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HELP: CAN NOT ACCESS Hosting - took too long to respond

I have just bought domain and hosting. I try to connect to my Cpanel-Admin I get the following error:


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


I have cleared by cache and tried different browsers but still the problem persists. Is Godaddy experiencing some issues?
I have not even started building the site yet and can not access my cpanel. Please HELP.
Resolver II

Hello 🙂

You should just be patient it will eventually load on your device soon 🙂

This is just a DNS and Nameserver process that needs to be done and updated it should take some time usually it is done within a few hours 🙂 but it can take up to 48 ...


Nothing to worry about it is already loading from my IP address 🙂



Community Contributor


Same here, issues all week. FTP just times out. 

I think you have a different problem 🙂 

Can you please describe it a bit...

Have you ever had access to your FTP ?


Can you send a screenshot of the issues you are receiving ?!

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM??? My website also not working today. 

My sites have been down for 10 hours. Still no ETA 😞

Also i cannot access to Godaddy online support. They are not anwering.