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HELP! How to reconnect my domain to my web hosting??

Before finally getting myself self-hosted, I used and just used my domain to forward to the .com blog. Now that I've upgraded, i accidentally changed the forwarding setting to (301) to (302). How do i reconnect my hosted site to my domain? PLEASE HELP! I deleted the forwarding. Will that work? Please help me out. Thanks. 

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You would change your DNS nameservers to those provided by wherever you are self-hosting.


Here is how to change your nameservers!


HTH! 😉

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My hosting is also with godaddy. This is really confusing. Hope it works! I just applied changes now. 

I'm having the same issue.  I was using the godaddy hosting, then I moved to squarespace.  I've since disconnected my squarespace account but now I can't seem to serve up the files I have hosted on godaddy.  Help!