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Help needed to move hosting provider (from 50Webs to GitHub Pages)

I currently have a domain registered with GoDaddy, and the websites and hosted with 50Webs. I also have a GitHub Pages website I want the GitHub Pages website to have the custom address, and I did what needs to be done on the GitHub side of the process. On the GoDaddy side, I try to follow the "Configuring A records with your DNS provider" instructions that GitHub provides here: Specifically, I try to change the nameservers in my GoDaddy account from DNS1.50WEBS.COM and DNS2.50WEBS.COM to and But I get "The data provided cannot be used, please correct it and resubmit your request".


Thank you in advance for helping.


PS: Website addresses are provided in generic fashion so as to preclude distractions with site content.


Hi @AmateurWebMaste, thanks for posting.

If you are not using GoDaddy nameservers with your domain name, you cannot managed the DNS for your domain name through GoDaddy. You would need to make these changes through your DNS/hosting provider, which you mentioned is 50webs.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you, @GaryA. I got your message just after speaking with Technical Support. They did explain to me that I first need to change the nameservers from Custom to Default. After doing that, I was indeed able to do the changes I need. I told Technical Support that it would be good to have the necessity of the "Custom to Default" step written somewhere in their online documentation.