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How to change file permisions on the GoDaddy server?


I am asking this question because I don't understand how to change the file permissions on the GoDaddy server.

The file which I would like to modify is:
which all types of users have only right to "read" but write.

I found some information on this issue like

however I could not find the page "Web Hosting".
I have also tried the ways through SFTP and SSH but because of my not having the root privilege, those were not possible.

I would like to wait for somebody's kind suggestions,

Thank you in advance,

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: modification of file permision

Hi @consome_punch. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! If you're not seeing areas that are mentioned in that Help Center document, it's likely you have a different type of account. Those instructions are for our oldest platforms. 


If you have a Linux account, you can change directory and file permissions in a number of ways. Usually via the File Manager for the hosting account you have or even via FTP/SFTP, if you have a client (like FileZilla) that supports it. Most of the time these can be changed/updated using the right-click context menu. For information on updating permissions in cPanel, see here. If you have a Managed WordPress account, then you'd have to make the changes using SFTP. 


If you have a Windows hosting plan, you would not be able to change file permissions, but you can still change directory permissions, which usually affects the files that are in the directory you change. You can see instructions on changing directory permissions in Plesk here. 

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